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In aceasta saptamana m-am gandit sa pun rezultatele la cateva quizz-uri facute de mine si un „To do list” realizat impreuna cu sora mea 🙂

Voi incepe cu lista, deoarece am observat ca sunt destul de multe quizz-uri facute de mine 😀

• Sa iau carnet de sofer
• Sa imi fac o prietena – relatie stabila
• Sa invat germana
• Sa continui sa fac exercitii fizice
• Get a new “look”
• Sa merg la mare
• Sa merg la munte
• Sa iau lectii de dans
• Sa injur mai putin (tot mai sunt momente cand nu te poti opri din a injura, cu totii stim asta :p )
• Sa merg la teatru
• Sa merg la opera
• Camping
• Sport extrem
• Sa merg la un concert
• Sa merg intr-o alta tara

Si acum colectia de rezultate 😛

Which element are you?
Mircea took the „Which element are you?” quiz and the result is Air.

Hey there, Air. How are you doing? In your default form you are by far the gentlest of the elements, the most altruistic of the elements, the easiest to be around. People who are close to you relish that closeness as if you were the oxygen they breathe. Though when you …are such an honest and true individual sometimes it is easy for others to move through life as if you are invisible to them, pushing you around and hurting you in ways they would never imagine doing to say, water or fire. Little do they know that air can be pushed too far and all it takes is a few powerful gusts from this angry element to get a point across, though not without a rush of guilt and second thoughts to follow. Your place in the world: The genuine soul and emotional helper to those in need (A breathe of fresh air).

What’s your Celtic Zodiac sign?
Mircea took the „What’s your Celtic Zodiac sign?” quiz and the result is Birch – The Achiever.

December 24 – January 20 If you were born under the energy of the Birch you can be highly driven, and often motivate others they become easily caught in your zeal, drive and ambition. You are always reaching for more, seeking better horizons and obtaining higher aspirations. The Druids attributed this to your time of birth, which is a time of year shrouded by darkness, so consequently you are always stretching out to find the light. Birch signs (just like the tree) are tolerant, tough, and resilient. You are cool-headed and are natural-born rulers, often taking command when a situation calls for leadership. When in touch with your softer side, you also bring beauty in otherwise barren spaces, brightening up a room with you guile, and charming crowds with you quick wit. Celtic tree astrology Birch signs are compatible with Vine signs and Willow signs. Sign: Birch Tree (Beth) Symbol: The White Stag Ruling Planet: The Sun – Sul Celtic Gods: Hu, Lugh, BelI, Taliesin, Arthur

What does your eye colour say about you?
Mircea took the „What does your eye colour say about you?” quiz and the result is Brown Eyes.

Either sexy as hell or are adorable. Loves to make new friends. Their relationship tends to be very honest because if they aren’t truly in love, then the relationship won’t work. They fall easily for their best friends. Will do anything for that special person. Kind and polite. Enjoys being with their guy/girl. LOVES to party. Can make ANYONE laugh or cheer them up. Loves to please the one they care for or love. The BEST ones at sex . Is NOT THE PERSON YOU WANT TO PISS OFF, WILL KNOCK YOU OUT! ( STRAIGHT BAD ASS) Amazing Kisser. Care deeply for family. Affectionate with a serious nature.

What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?
Mircea took the „What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?” quiz and the result is 1990’s.

You’re modern and retro at the same time. You are well-rounded and open to new styles, new music, and new ideas. More than open to it, you are on the constant look-out for the latest and greatest in everything. Entertainment and media are on a high priority for you, but you still find the time to fit in those other things like, ya know, school and work and all that. Whether it be the scenes of grunge, hip-hop, jock-jams, bubble-gum pop, or the boy-band craze, you are always up on the latest and scoping out what’s trendy and what’s hott. You’re all about the next big thing, and want to be a part of something great. Comedies are your favorite type of entertainment, and you are a devoted fan to your favorite TV shows and movies. You’re the one that can quote all the lines & knows all the trivia. You are also a big collector whether it be video games, movies, or other electronic media, you like to be on the cutting-edge of rising technology. Your inner-nerd is insatiable, but so is your appetite for adventure and the deeper meaning of life.

What does your siqn say about you.. ?
Mircea took the „What does your siqn say about you?” quiz and the result is C • A • P • R • I • C • O • R • N: THE BEST IN BED.

Loves being in long relationships, Great talker, Always Love to bust, Nice, Sassy, Intelligent, SEXY, Predict future, Irresistible, AWESOME KISSER, gets what he or she wants, BY FAR the BEST in BED, Very sexy, Coolest, Loves to own Pisces in sports, Extremely fun, Loves… to joke, Loves to be your first, So you’ll never forget

I took the quiz what finger are you? and got the result ► The Thumb!
Your what some might call the most important. you are what separate us from the apes. You are mature, responsible, and you always know when someone did a good job because you make it known

I took the quiz Which of the four sacred eyes do you have? and got the result ► The eyes of Life!
The Eyes Of Life are for the ones that see the bright side of life. They see a good side in everyone/everything. They are grateful for life and whatever it brings. Some people convert to this after having The Eyes of Darkness. The Eyes of Life are usually depicted by …a young person. Not yet middle aged, but no longer a teenager. The thirst for life normally begins at this age.

I took the quiz What Supernatural Creature are you? and got the result ► Phoenix!
You have a blazing personality and people love you! You can see the good in any person and any situation. Heck, even when you die you are reborn of your ashes! You are truly in sync with the rhythm of the circle of life and understand that death is only the beginning.

I took the quiz What kind of attitude & mood do you have? and got the result ► NORMAL!
You’re as normal as they come. You don’t try to be someone of something you are not. You don’t hide the fact that you are who you are. Your mood swings and attitude don’t differ that much from the average person. You can get very angry about certain things you believe strongly in but you let other things just run their course. You have the ability to „let it go” but, you’ve been known to get personal & emotional about topics, people, situations or happenings that you don’t agree with. You take the high road 99% of the time & listen to all sides before forming an opinion. You give off good, positive vibes & you most likely only complain to the people closest to you who will understand. You don’t let the small things bother you to much.

I took the quiz What wild animal are you? and got the result ► Dolphin!
You’re a team player. You willingly make sacrifices for others for the sake of harmony. You learn quickly and will do what it takes to make others happy.

I took the quiz What Kind of Lover Are You? and got the result ► Deeply Loving and Passionate!
You are one of the few. Your not centered on yourself as a lover. Your a deep and passionate lover, who always makes sure your partner is satisfied. You give more than you receive and you always make eye contact. Your deeply sensual and sexual. A real and genuinely caring person. Full of romance and deep rooted love. You love unconditionally!

I took the quiz What Mythological Creature Are You and got the result ► Fairy!
You Are A Fairy. Fairies have always been thought of as frolicking beauties with magical powers and a knack for mischief. Only recently have fairies been made into menacing creatures by some interesting authors. Fairies, while magical and musical, are dainty creatures that have a love of food, music, dance and the arts.

I took the quiz What Colour Is Your Aura and got the result ► Green!
Your aura is Green! You have a very peaceful personality, but on the other hand are angered easily when around the wrong people. You are known for saying what you think, and always turning a bad situation into a good one. Your sense of irony and sarcasm define your character, however deep down your are understanding, trustworthy and loyal. You are easily loved, and you are the glue that holds your friendship circle together. This is reflected in your aura.

I took the quiz What angel walks beside you and got the result ► Roaming Spirit!
This Roaming Spirit has no one to protect, though like the Guardian Angel, wants to proctect a loved one, that certain person is already guarded. Your spirit saw something of herself in you, because it now clings to you, guiding you as though you are her own. She loves you no matter what you do, helps you get through hard times and make right decisions.

I took the quiz What kind of first Impression do you give? and got the result ► Friendly!
You come across as friendly and happy. People want to get to know more about you & they can because you’re open to it. You like meeting new people and having fun. People see you as someone they can laugh with, be honest with and enjoy a good conversation with. You’re a genuine person & it shows.

I took the quiz What fruit are you? and got the result ► You are a Pineapple!
Always wild and exotic, you are the life of the party! Be careful Pineapple you could find yourself in a lot of trouble with that wild streak. It is no wonder you are invited to so many events. You can be a bit loud but you are never boring!

I took the quiz What color is your personality? and got the result ► YELLOW!
Yellow or Gold color represents loyalty and responsibility. You are an organizer & you prefer things tidy. Clutter can drive you insane. You love a peaceful environment & stress out about disorder or chaos. You are always responsible and you have your priority’s in order. You value work and service oriented tasks. You have a greater degree of performance, stability and orderliness. When others are around you they want to be more like you. You set a good example for people.

I took the quiz What Color Is Your Soul? and got the result ► Blue!
People with blue souls are people who tend to be nostalgic and romantic. You enjoy your quiet time with a loved one(s) and particularly love being on or near the water. Blue people tend to be rather relaxed in general and do well in jobs that others tend to find stressful. You are pleased by the simple things in life.

I took the quiz Psychological Profiler and got the result ► Free Spirit!
Funny, gregarious and full of life is how most people describe you! You are the life of the party and are always excited to be around people and try new things. Your friends are many and your obligations few – just the way you like it. You can’t be bothered living a „grown up” life when there are so many things to try and so many places to see! Your sexual relationships tend to be light, experimental and full of fun. You’re not overly concerned about „true love”. You figure if it comes along great. Frequently not happy in any conventional career situation, you might find yourself floating from one pointless job to another until you find one that allows you to live your carefree life the way you like. That means one with few rules and even fewer obligations. Self employment is the route for you, as long as you find something you love – you’ll be committed to it and work furiously to make it a success.

I took the quiz What breed of dog would suit you? and got the result ► Labrador!
You have a busy, social famliy lifestlye. A labrador is perfect for children, and is suited for the athletic. Your idea of a fun day is hiking, or anything to get you out of the house.

I took the quiz How good are you in bed? and got the result ► Passionate!
You are like a raging inferno of pleasure. You thoroughly enjoy the heat of the moment. You are energetic and capable of making love as well as being erotic. You like to please your partner and your self equally and you leave your partner fulfilled and begging for more. All around you are great in bed!

I took the quiz What’s Your Personality Type? and got the result ► Idealist Champion!
You are introspective, cooperative, informative, and expressive. You have a strong desire to make your thoughts known to the world. When you speak or write, you are often hoping to use your convictions to motivate others to participate in advocacy or you hope to reveal a hidden truth about the human experience. You are greatly concerned with ethics and justice and have a strong desire to speak about current issues and events. You are the most inspiring and animated of the role variants. You are very individualistic and you feel a need to experience significant social events. You consider intense emotional experiences to be vital to life and view the world as a drama. You are constantly seeking to learn about everything that has to do with advancement of good and the retreat of evil in the world. You strive toward a kind of personal authenticity and this intention always to be yourself is usually quite attractive to others. At the same time, you have outstanding intuitive powers and can tell what is going on inside of others, reading hidden emotions and giving special significant to words or actions. In fact, you are constantly scanning the social environment, and no intriguing character or silent motive is likely to escape your attention. You are good with people and usually have a wide range of personal relationships. You are warm and full of energy with your friends. You are good in public and on the telephone, and are so spontaneous and dramatic that others love to be in your company. You are a positive, exuberant person, and often your confidence in the goodness of life and of human nature makes good things happen. Famous Champions include Joan Baez, Charles Dickens, Phill Donahue, Bill Moyers, and Edith Wharton.

I took the quiz Which of the 4 Seasons Are You? and got the result ► Spring!
Spring personalities are the most light-hearted, fun-loving, and spontaneous of all the Seasons. You love to entertain, you’re confident, and you can always see the positive side to any situation. However, you can be arrogant, cocky, and indulgent. You can sometimes be impulsive and act in an unpredictable fashion – both to your advantage and misfortune. Keep Autumn personalities close to you in order to keep your feet on the ground!

I took the quiz What is your spiritual animal/guide? and got the result ► Polar Bear!
Warm-hearted, popular, and conscientious. Tend to put the needs of others over their own needs. Feel strong sense of responsibility and duty. Value traditions and security. Interested in serving others. Need positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves. Well-developed sense of space and function.

I took the quiz What does your spirit guide want you to know? and got the result ► Don’t second guess yourself!
Your spirit guide is a very old wise woman. The grandmother type. She is not just your spirit guide but also the spirit guide to the person closest to you (a female). She wants you to know that she is with you during your toughest times. She is often confused as to why you second guess yourself but, she is confident with the person you are. In your darkest, saddest hours she was there right beside you. You may have even felt her presence & never told anyone of it. She wants to guide you the most in the following area’s: Pecking your way through obstacles, Breaking out of difficult situations, Ability to remain unique, Value of remaining as you are & Courage! She wants to show you „hands” but more importantly the „ring finger”. Whatever this may mean please pay attention to it.

I took the quiz The Brain Dominance Test and got the result ► Right Brain Dominant: 19 Right-Brain Responses / 11 Left Responses!
Of 30 questions, 19 of your responses indicate you are right brained dominant. 11 of your responses are indications of left brain dominance. These results indicate you are predominantly right-brain dominant. The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility. Daring and intuitive, you see the world in their unique way.You likely have a talent for creative writing and art and prefer day dreaming, philosophy, and sports. You make decisions intuitively. The right side of our brain processes information in a rapid, spatial, and perceptual manner. The right hemisphere concentrates more on emotion than logic, allowing you to make quick, spontaneous decisions. You rely on your imagination when finding solutions to problems. You operate in a nonlinear, simultaneous fashion and deal with non-verbal information as well as dreams and fantasy. Thus, you tend to think visually-spatially more than verbally. Occupations: Artist, Athlete, Politician, Beautician, Craftsman, Actor, Wildlife manager, Marketing or sales manager

I took the quiz What is Your Temperament? and got the result ► You are a Thinking Melancholy!
Melancholy personality types are introverted. You are a faithful friend, a self-sacrificing parent, and a devoted spouse. Your weaknesses are pessimisim, skepticism, and insecurity. You get depressed easliy. Curb your tendency toward moodiness and lighten up! Don’t allow a negative outlook to rob you of close relationships. Your opposite for relationships is a Sanguine, you’ll compliment well.

Va urez o primavara placuta si pline de sperante indeplinite 🙂



In ton cu sarbatoarea de Valentine’s Day, desi nu este o sarbatoare traditionala eu consider ca totusi sustine importanta dragostei in viata de zi cu zi, m-am gandit sa scriu cate ceva despre dragoste.

In primu rand ce este dragostea?
Dragostea poate sa fie multe lucruri pentru multi oameni. De la a avea pe cineva in bratele caruia sa te trezesti dimineata, cineva care sa fie alaturi de tine la bine si la rau care sa te sustina sau a fi tu cel care sustine, este puterea de a face partenerul sa zambeasca cand te vede. Dragostea este sentimentul de caldura care te cuprinde cand esti alaturi de persoana iubita, zambetul care ti se asterne pe fata, privirea patrunzatoare pe care o ai cand iti privesti iubita(ul). Toate aceste lucruri si multe altele pot reprezenta dragostea .
Cum se intampla de multe ori, pentru fiecare calatoria spre dragoste e diferita. Te poti indragosti doar din priviri, discutand cu persoana respectiva sau din alte situatii.
Acum ca esti indragostit… urmeaza sa vezi daca poti sa fi alaturi de persoana respectiva, aici incep lucrurile sa se complice.
Incepi sa iti faci in minte tot felu de planuri de cum ar trebui sa faci ca sa te intalnesti cu persoana respectiva, cum faci sa isi dea seama de ceea ce simti pentru ea si sa iti dai seama daca sentimentul este reciproc.
Iti iei inima in dinti si o inviti in oras, la un film sau piesa de teatru, la o cafea, plimbare prin parc sau intr-un club. Nu stii cum va raspunde, poate sa accepte facand un zambet sa apara pe fata, poate sa amane caz in care nu stii exact cum ar trebuie sa te simti sau sa refuze… Accepta, zambetul apare numaidecat si exista un moment de relaxare care nu va dura mult pentru ca incepi sa te gandesti “cum sa ma imbrac? / ar trebui sa ii iau o floare sau e prea mult de la prima intalnire?” si multe alte intrebari care incepi sa le derulezi in minte.
Acum urmeaza intalnirea propriu-zisa, care pentru fiecare poate fi diferita, plina de discutii amicale cu cateva intrebari personale sau poate fi o intalnire tacuta… Poti incerca sa ii iei mana in mana ta sau chiar sa o saruti. Fiecare experienta a primei intalniri e diferita de la persoana la persoana, dar care nu ii diminueaza importanta.
Spre sfarsitul intalnirii incepi sa te lamuresti daca intalnirea reprezinta inceputul unei relatii, prietenii sau a fost doar o experienta de viata.
Aici va las sa va imaginati si voi sau sa completati cu experiente personale si va urez un Happy Valentine’s Day alaturi de persoana draga!
Daca simtiti ca puteti adauga ceva sau sa spuneti cum a decurs pentru voi prima intalnire in cateva cuvinte o puteti face la comentarii. ^.^

Viata in miscare.

Viata in miscare.

Nu pot sa zic ca am mai scris bloguri pana acum dar simt nevoia sa ma exteriorizez intr-un fel deoarece ascultatul muzicii nu ma mai ajuta ca inainte…

Incetu cu incetu viata mea s-a schimbat, prioritatile s-au mai schimbat, mentalitatea mai putin… am inca suflet de copil si inca nu mi-am dat seama cum sa imi descatusez potentialul dar incet, incet sper sa ajung sa fac si asta.
Se pare ca totul se misca, se schimba, evolueaza. Viata merge mai departe si noi alaturi de ea. Nu mai sunt student dar am inceput un master, deci din nou cursuri, seminare, sesiune. Mi-am gasit un serviciu, ceea ce in economia noastra “infloritoare” este un miracol. Am regasit prieteni de care nu am mai auzit de mult, am facut si prieteni noi deci „haita“ s-a marit.
Totul pare sa fie frumos din afara, dar totusi de ce nu pot sa trec peste starea asta de tristete care ma tot bantuie. Poate tristete e un cuvant prea dur pentru ceea ce simt, poate e doar o stare de apatie de care nu am reusit sa scap si datorita perioadei lungi ma afecteaza mai tare decat ar trebui. Am inceput sa iau masuri de “exterminare” a acestei stari incepand sa fac chestii pe care de mult le tot amanam. Am inceput sa merg la sala, deocamdata nu pot zice ca trag eu de “fiare” ci ele trag de mine, dar incetu cu incetu mi s-a mai schimbat dispozitia, ma simt mai bine dupa 2 ore in care incerc sa imi depasesc limitele fizice in incercarea de a termina fiecare exercitiu pe care il fac.
Incerc sa invat germana dar se pare ca este o lupta dura. Sper ca sunt bine echipat pentru aceasta lupta.

Pana data viitoare succes tuturor


Un, doi, trei…. Proba, proba…